The founders of Emerald & Herb are not only a Mother-Daughter Duo, business partners, and best friends. Both share a passion for a cleaner, healthier, holistic lifestyle. Like many people they too have lost close loved ones to cancer, illness, and disease. These unfortunate events in their lives, sparked an interest in changing the products they use, the foods they eat, water they drink, etc. Inspiring them to change their way of living, and giving them hope to educate others. After years of research, and testing recipes on their friends and families... Emerald & Herb was born.

Emerald & Herb

Emerald & Herb is a CBD line made with all natural, certified organic ingredients, responsibly sourced by the Founders of the company. Our Founders have spent countless hours of intense research from the top well-respected healers around the world incorporating the finest ingredients and herbal blends to prefect our recipes.

Emerald & Herb strives to be the most natural and environmentally conscious in all that we do, priding ourselves on how clean the ingredients in our products are. There are no GMO's, sulfates, parabens, harsh or toxic chemicals and are never tested on animals. We always use steam distilled, therapeutic grade, certified organic essential oils. All Emerald & Herb’s plant-based oils are infused with healing herbs to optimize their medicinal value and enhance the Cannabidiol (CBD).

Our products are packaged in environmentally safe glass bottles to preserve the quality of the ingredients inside, while reducing our carbon footprint and maintaining respect for Mother Nature.

Each product has a hand selected healing crystal incorporated as a keepsake from us to you, which our Founders have chosen specific healing crystals towards benefiting each individual aliment. Crystals have been known to raise your vibrational frequency and have incredible healing energy.

Emerald & Herb’s number one goal is to assist you on your journey to becoming the healthiest, happiest, and healed version of yourself. Each product has an inspirational positive affirmation on the bottle to remind us of how truly amazing we are.

Thank you for taking the time to purchase, educate yourself and share our line with yourself and others. We appreciate your support and are grateful to be apart of the cleaner, healthier lifestyle you desire. Sending you positive vibes on your journey to wellness.  Purchases of an Emerald & Herb product helps sponsor an E&H friend on their wellness journey.


Welcome to the Emerald & Herb family, please visit our Website for additional information on all of our incredible products.